Colours now

Just want to share these colours. Acrylics and mixed media. Findning colours and textures for my next project.


The big picture…

See all the paintings that are in the studio right now here


My Studio online..

Follow this link and see what is in the studio right now.
Please email me for questions and prices.
Enjoy : )


blue skies

Just as i started thinking that the sunny warm weather would last forever it began to rain… I am in our summer home and i need more sun and blue skies -please.. Here is a little reminder of blue.
(canvas = 70 x 80 cm)


New paintings at Galleri Rødhusgården

If you go to the Danish West Coast this summer -don´t forget to stop by Galleri Rødhusgården near Blokhus.

My gallerist through more than 10 years and friend Per Jensen runs this place, that is so much more than an ordinary gallery.

Today he picked these pieces in my studio and i can only recommend that you go up there and check them out.


Summer paintings..

I have been wanting to use these warm, raw, grey, brown and yellow for some time now..


In the studio..

small collection in the studio right now..



“My” Copenhagen gallery – Galerie Gerly has 30 years anniversary this summer and she is celebrating by having a mixed exhibition
-showing some of my works too:
1: “Handbag” 100 x 100 cm. 13.800 DKK / 2.250 USD / 1.850 Euro
2: “Sky” 60 x 60 cm. 6.500 DKK / 1.050 USD / 875 Euro
“Kop” 60 x 60 cm. (SOLD)


Opening in Struer, DK

If you come around Struer this weekend take a look at Galleri Humlum Gl. Skole -there will be lots of new paintings by me and glass works by Line Gottfred Petersen.


Biggest painting -ever…

Just finished this… 450 x 220 cm.. It’s picked up tomorrow and going to Aalborg where a big wall and lots of excited people has been waiting for some time now.

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