Spring made me do this new postcard..




I am back from one month in Thailand.. or not really.. a part of me is still out there..
So much is going on here – i have so many cool jobs to do and by the 1st Sidsel – my studio mate and I are moving our studio to a new wonderful place.. Check out Spagat.dk, Sidsel did some really beautiful posts about it : ) You might also enjoy her posts about Thailand – she also went there with her family during Christmas and new years.


Busy having fun…

This is some highlights of various projects – I work with several large super exciting projects these days – very very busy – having a lot of fun!


Summer 2010

Wonderful weeks in our summerhouse doing nothing really..

Love it!
Need more summer!!



This is my 2009 folder on paintings. I recently ran out of copies, so i am working on the 2010 version to come out  very soon.. Meanwhile you can watch the whole 2009 folder here.


Black + white

I am taking a few days off with my family in our summerhouse… This is what it looks like – snow snow snow and a little bit of black and grey… it’s beautiful but i start to miss colours….