8 new graphic prints

In the shop now. The graphics are put together by photos from details in some of my favorite paintings. Printet on Fine Art Paper 240 g/m². Paper is 21×21 cm. / 8.3×8.3 inches. A little paint and crayons ad personality and make every print unique… Signed and carefully wrapped……….. 200 dkk / 27 EUR / 35 USD – worldwide shipping : )


Colours now

Just want to share these colours. Acrylics and mixed media. Findning colours and textures for my next project.


Spring made me do this new postcard..



Not another day in the studio..

I think i talked to more than 150 people today.. I am both very happy and very tired. I hope tomorrow will be just as good when the studio will be open again.


blue skies

Just as i started thinking that the sunny warm weather would last forever it began to rain… I am in our summer home and i need more sun and blue skies -please.. Here is a little reminder of blue.
(canvas = 70 x 80 cm)


Summer paintings..

I have been wanting to use these warm, raw, grey, brown and yellow for some time now..



This is my 2009 folder on paintings. I recently ran out of copies, so i am working on the 2010 version to come out  very soon.. Meanwhile you can watch the whole 2009 folder here.


Black + white

I am taking a few days off with my family in our summerhouse… This is what it looks like – snow snow snow and a little bit of black and grey… it’s beautiful but i start to miss colours….


Tapeter, farvesætning og digitale collager

Udsmykningen tager afsæt i virksomhedens egne projekter og værdier.

Udsmykningen er skabt i samarbejde med Artspot.dk