8 new graphic prints

In the shop now. The graphics are put together by photos from details in some of my favorite paintings. Printet on Fine Art Paper 240 g/m². Paper is 21×21 cm. / 8.3×8.3 inches. A little paint and crayons ad personality and make every print unique… Signed and carefully wrapped……….. 200 dkk / 27 EUR / 35 USD – worldwide shipping : )


Colours now

Just want to share these colours. Acrylics and mixed media. Findning colours and textures for my next project.


The big picture…

See all the paintings that are in the studio right now here


Busy having fun…

This is some highlights of various projects – I work with several large super exciting projects these days – very very busy – having a lot of fun!


blue skies

Just as i started thinking that the sunny warm weather would last forever it began to rain… I am in our summer home and i need more sun and blue skies -please.. Here is a little reminder of blue.
(canvas = 70 x 80 cm)


In the studio..

small collection in the studio right now..


Biggest painting -ever…

Just finished this… 450 x 220 cm.. It’s picked up tomorrow and going to Aalborg where a big wall and lots of excited people has been waiting for some time now.


New ones..

Old stuff re-invented and new stuff put together the old way…
These were made from acrylics and lots of old bits and pieces from my drawers.


Maleri 2007